Putting Your Beloved Cat to Permanent Sleep or Euthanize Them

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One of the most difficult decisions for any cat owner is to know whether it is time to let the beloved pet go or euthanize them. Undoubtedly, you will be extremely attached to your cat, but considering their deteriorating physical and mental condition, euthanizing them could be the best option in your pet’s interest.

Euthanasia process at home

Euthanasia can be considered as one of the kindest things that as a caring owner you can do for your cat who has been suffering a lot and provide them tremendous relief. When it is not possible to give a quality life to your feline pet then euthanasia allows a peaceful end that avoids the suffering of your cat.

Though euthanasia is usually preferred by vets in their clinics, if you want your cat euthanasia at home then contact Zen Dog Veterinary Care PLLC in New York which ensures that your final moments with your beloved feline friend are spent in the comfort of home rather than a vet hospital.

Once they arrive at your home with an appointment, you can choose a comfortable space for them to set up. Before giving any drugs, they will discuss the cat euthanasia process in detail with you. They always prefer giving the sedative first to ensure that your cat is completely sedated and is sleeping peacefully. This allows you to spend some last moments with your cherished cat before it passes off.

You will surely comment like most pet owners who feel they have never seen their pet this comfortable for months or years. Zen Dog takes care of your cat’s transportation and aftercare service with Final Gift Pet Memorial Center where both communal and private cremation facility is available. They have an option of handing over your cat’s ashes returned to you.

Call them to speak directly before confirming an appointment since they respect the importance of the emotional situation.

How to know your pet needs to be euthanized?

  • Assess your cat’s physical condition to check if it regularly vomits food or sheds considerable weight.
  • If it is avoiding physical contact and preferring to just sit or lie down in an unusual condition.
  • Keeps crying, is not able to walk to her water bowl, is disoriented or confused, does not want to go outside, and refuses to come into the garden.
  • Take note if your cat has intractable diarrhea, lacks bladder control, and starts soiling itself

These are signs that your cat is in pain, hence, take it to the vet immediately for proper diagnosis and to understand if euthanasia is the only option left to end your pet’s suffering.

Coping with your pet’s euthanasia

It is natural to feel upset and emotional when your pet leaves you. There is no reason why you should be afraid to vent out your feelings. It also takes time to get over the loss of your pet.

Feeling bewildered, lonely, angry, all these are quite normal when you see your beloved pet euthanasia at home but you will come up with the terms as time passes. Treasure your memories, remember the good times spent with your cat and what you loved most about your pet.